Anatomy Of Disaster Relief & Recovery

The Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) in each region are trained professionals who drill and rehearse their protocols on a regular basis.  The whole community approach to emergency management includes a diversity of community groups and organizations.  The goal of this concept is to engage the residents of each of the disaster-affected areas in all phases of a disaster.

The groups, clubs, and faith-based organizations in the local communities understand the actual needs of the whole community and are best positioned to engage and empower every part of those communities.  This type of collaboration is extremely beneficial because it will connect emergency management to the community and reduce the complexity of accessing and meeting its immediate, short range and long range needs in order to expedite recovery.

A disaster has many faces as we learned from as far back as Hurricane Katrina, Terrorist attack of 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.  We discovered that we are only as prepared and equipped as the extent of our reach into the communities at large.  It is my prayer that you will consider the information that I have shared in this blog and become a facilitator of the whole community approach in your area.