How We Help

Disaster Relief Services:

  • Volunteer Management And Coordination
  • Emergency Food, Clothing, Gas, Housing, transportation, and Gift Cards
  • Emotional/Spiritual Care and Chaplain Support
  • Emergency Call Center for Survivor Assistance
  • Temporary Shelter established through Partnering Churches
  • Warehousing and Distribution Management Of Resources

Preparedness and Training:  READY OCALA orientation and preparedness training is available in our classroom or at your location or online CEN Training.  Every volunteer must complete our 3-hour orientation and preparedness class. Additional intermediate and advanced training are available in various areas of support including, but not limited to Spiritual Readiness, First Aid, CPR, CERT, CISM, and Chaplaincy.

Preliminary Advanced Training:  

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT):  This 7 day 28 hour, FEMA backed, nationally recognized course will equip and train you in the essentials of disaster preparedness for your local community, such as Fire Safety, Light Search & Rescue, Disaster Medical Operations & Psychology, Terrorism and Disaster Simulation.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) Training:  This 2-day 11 hours of training will teach you a step-by-step system for implementing individual and group PFA. No pre-requisite required to receive a certificate after completing 11 hours of training. To receive a white CEN Badge you need to complete CEN Orientation & Preparedness Training CEN Training, clear a Background Check and complete the training. This is a fee-based course and limited scholarships are available.  This is a fee-based course and limited scholarships are available.

Chaplaincy Training: Chaplaincy course consists of 30 hours of training.  The Chaplaincy Training sessions will cover, in no particular order: Introduction to Chaplaincy, Confidentiality & Ethics, Death Notification, Compassion Fatigue & Burn Out, Power Interventions, Suicide & Grief, Communication Skills-Listening, Dealing with Difficult People, Workplace Violence, Relationship Recovery-Divorce, Conflict Resolution, Stress & Anger Management, Children in Crisis, PTSD in Children, School Crisis Events, Recognizing Post-traumatic Stress in self or others, and Stress Management. The Chaplaincy Course requires participants to complete the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training as a pre-requisite. Chaplains must be “Spirit Called” to the position of Chaplain. This course is instructed by the Chaplain Core Team & Guest Chaplains from the community.  This is a fee-based course and limited scholarships are available.

Prayer:  READY OCALA has a core team of volunteers that pray continually for the vision and mission of READY OCALA. Prayer is at the root of our daily devotion to serving others in great need, whether it be in disaster or in need of our support through the Body of Christ. Contact our office an inquire about becoming a prayer, care, share volunteer.

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